Olay Definity Color Recapture Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (Thai/German) mid-thirties about Lindsey Price’s (Lipstick Jungle) complexion with normal/combination skin and occasional breakouts.

“Olay has made incredible strides with the creation of this product. It is a tinted moisturizer, which many of you love to use, but since this is an Olay product, there are some additional benefits and product innovations which I was impressed with.

The see-through tube reveals a color “swirl” which is the tinted moisturizer shade + the moisturizer (like a “cosmetic” soft ice cream cone!). I really liked this effect. I pumped just once to release the mixed product in my hand, blended it together and applied to my face with my fingers. (Note: I also had great results using a slightly damp blender sponge like Sonia Kashuk’s).

As this is a “tint” the color blended in very nicely with my skin tone (I used light/medium). Think of using a “wash” as opposed to a “paint” to color your walls. I let it sink in for a few minutes to set. It felt light on my skin and really made my skin look luminous immediately. When I was ready to begin applying the rest of makeup my skin was moisturized with no oily spots. I found that a bit of concealer, then blotting with a sheet and finishing with some powder gave me the best results to really look polished. On the weekends I sometimes skipped the power if I was just running around. The finish without powder is dewy (not oily) which was very nice and just what I wanted.

I loved how my skin looked when I wore this and found that each and every time it went on evenly and effortlessly. Please note that since this is a tint, you should have a fairly good skin tone to begin with. This will not cover up major skin discolorations, hyperpigmentation, freckles, etc, but it does contain ingredients that with time do help improve the overall tone of the skin. I found that a few very light blemish marks did fade after several weeks of using the product as well. My skin felt plump, moisturized and little fine lines were much less noticeable.

The product also has a sunscreen which is on the lower end (15), but fine for daily short term sun exposure.

This is a “higher end” drugstore product that is certainly worth every penny.” T.Y.

Editor’s Note: This will work best for normal to dry skins, as it may make oily skin appear more shiny/oily. Also, even though this is a tint, women that are darker than a Whitney Houston shade for example, should use the medium/dark shade for best results.

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