Suki Naturals Lemongrass Cleanser

Tester: Asian (Japanese) with combination/normal skin, occasional breakouts in the t-zone.

"Lemon (and organic skincare) lovers can unite over this product!

This is a sugar grain based cleanser that also exfoliates. As per the directions, I took a dime's worth of the cleanser out of the jar and added some water to it in the palm of my hand. It then began to foam mildly (like a soap) and soften in texture. Next, I applied the cleanser to my face. I got a nice exfoliation that was not too rough. The lemongrass smell was incredible just opening the jar, and equally as scrumptous as I was massaging the cleanser into my skin.

After rinsing my skin felt squeaky clean but not too tight or dry, my skin had a nice glow and was very soft. I found that this was a great way to start my day so I always used this in the AM. It was also gentle enough for me to use every day.

The cleanser is inside of a glass jar, which does make it harder to apply in the shower. I would love it if they could find an enviromentally sound non-breakable packaging alternative to make it easier for shower/gym and travel.

This is best for oily, normal/combination skin." T.N.

Editor's Note: To get the most out of this cleanser you should always cover it tightly after each use, and then put it in a small zip lock bag to ensure that it does not dry out prematurely. Also if you get too much water inside of the jar it will make the sugar "melt".


Suki Naturals products are also vegan. For more information on their organic production and product ingredients please visit:

Elf Cosmetics

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