Tom Ford White Pachoulli

"When I first heard that "neo-soul" songstress, Eryka Badu was going to be the face of Tom's newest scent, I admit I was a little surprised -- but pleased that such a different image would be gracing a high end fragrance.

It turns out that Eryka really does embody the essence of this scent. For one, it is a modern interpretation of Pachoulli, which, for those that know her music (and have followed her career) might very well associate with Eryka's "bohemian" style. In addition, it is most definately sexy, but in a very quite yet still powerful way.

With the first spritz I got a very direct shot of pachoulli, but tempered a bit with the coriander and bergamot in particular. It started with a shout, but it's not one that I wanted to "cover my ears and run away from". As a matter of fact, within an hour or so those notes smoothed out and while the pachoulli stayed until the end, I got a little more of the flower notes like peony and then some of the woods and incense.

I would say that the effect is that this is a very smooth, elegant fragrance, but one that still has a kick to it. I prefered wearing this at night and it's staying power was very good. When the weather gets a little cooler I will apply a light layer during the day, as it did give me a nice conforting "warm" sensation while I was wearing it.

The bottle is intriguing to me. It's slightly masculine and it also reminds me of certain bottle shapes from the 70's. I also like that it's pure white. If you think about it, there are not many opaque white perfume bottles out there right now, so all you bottle snobs will appreciate this as part of the collection on your dresser!

This was my first time trying one of Ford's fragrances, so I'm not familiar with his usual style, but White Pachoulli certainly made a postive impact on me as a winner for the woman who wants something strong, sexy, unique that is also comforting and memorable - just like Eryka, come to think of it :)" - RLB


Editor's tip: If you want take away samples of this first in a store which doesn't have individual testers, just bring some empty fragrance vials with you and ask the sales associate (very nicely) if they would decant a bit into the vial for you (this may or may not work, but some will agree to it).

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