Weleda Creamy Body Wash - Sea Buckthorn

Tester: Middle Eastern (Lebanese) with dry skin on body.

"I have a new shower love and it's Weleda!

My love affair began with the the scent of Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash . It is simply gorgeous -- a refreshing orange + graprefruit blend that is authentic and yet still unique in it's combination.

I noted that it was not a high lathering formula due to the lack of many artifical detergent agents, but I found that it did an excellent job cleansing thouroughly, while providing intense moisturization to my skin (Sea Buckthorn Oil is the key factor). It was creamy and light in texture coming out of the tube and had a silky smooth feel on the body.

After rinsing it left my skin soft and supple with the great fragrance just faintly tracing my body. While it was moisturized, I didn't feel any film or residue on my body.

This is a product that I felt great about using because of how much I enjoyed it, the results and the organic/natural ingedients it contains (vegetable oils instead of mineral oils, no synthetic perfume and no preservatives)." S.D.

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