Zo Skin Health Skin Offects Exfoliating Cleanser

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (West Indian & British) with combination/dry skin and occasional break outs.

"As a recent press event for Zo Skin Health, Palacinka had the honor of hearing Dr. Zein Obagi speak about the optimal skin care routine and the products that will truly make a difference in our skin. One of the favorite refrains from his talk that day was that just like the body will stay healthy and improve in tone with excercise, you must also "Wake up the skin!" by stimulating it - much like a jog will do for the body.

When I tried the exfoliating cleanser, these words were in the back of my head, as I massaged the clear gel-based cleanser with various-sized blue exfoliating beads onto my face. I indeed loved the feel of it's exfoliating effects and was very impressed by how gentle they were at the same time. With his expertise as a leading top dermatologist, Dr. Obagi has also created a formula which is pretty unique. The massaging motion didn't just break down the beads contained within the gel -- it actually seemed to transform some of the beads so that they felt bigger and then gradually broke down again completely into my skin.

After rinsing my skin felt super smooth and had a great glow. This was great to start off the morning and also after a heavy work out. As I continued to use the cleanser, my pores were always clear in my t zone, and I noticed that my makeup went on much easier.

I was very happy with this cleanser and although many of you have ventured into the cleansing exfoliator category before, I would definiately recommend giving this product a try!"

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