3 Lab Perfect Mask

Tester: Asian (Vietnamese), late 30's with combination skin and occasional breakouts.

"There's something about a sheet mask, as opposed to a cream or gel mask in a tube or jar, that I've really come to appreciate. 3 Lab has now made me a true believer in the brand and the sheet mask itself.

Each one of these masks is individually packaged in a thin sealed pack (there are 6 in the box), which makes it ideal for traveling and bringing to the gym/spa. When I first opened it, I noticed that it was loaded with a lot of product. It's not to the point where it is dripping, but I found it worked best to start out laying down and then open the mask and fit it over my eyes, nose and mouth, where there are perforated openings.

As directed, I left the mask on about 10-15 min. Much of the 3Lab formula eventually soaked into my skin, so that by the time I was ready to take the mask off, it was fairly dry. I then massaged any remaining product into my face, particularly the drier areas of my face. After my very first use, I was pleased with what I saw. My skin was baby soft and glowing, and so hydrated, yet it didn't feel like I had a layer of anything on my skin. Since this mask also has "lifting" properties, I also noticed that my skin felt a little tighter, but not uncomfortably so. Fine lines were minimized and it did not clog my pores in the tzone. My makeup application went on flawlessly afterwards as well.

I continued to use this mask for several weeks and was very pleased with the results. I really looked forward to using the Perfect Mask because I could not only see that beautiful glow, but the quality and texture of my skin really improved as well. This is perfect before a big night out, after a long period spent in the sun or at the end of a very long work week to revive the skin and treat it well at the same time. This is a high performace skin treatment that is worthy of the luxury price tag," T.T.

Editor's Note: This is a non-woven sheet mask and contains Nano-Claire GYTM, the world's first bio-engineered growth hormone that helps to slow down the aging process.

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