Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Collection

Tester: Hispanic (Dominican) about Christina Milan's complexion with dark brown eyes, and combination skin.

"This is one of my favorite makeup collections I've tried this fall. It's just so well thought out and the shades are very flattering. There are 4 pieces included in a very nice, sleek black nylon cosmetic case that is of course, of the excellent quality that Bobbi is known for, with mauve colored lining, nice pockets and magnetic fasteners.

The pieces in the collection include new and exclusive shades:

Iced Mauve Metallic Eye Shadow
Cocoa Mauve Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Berry Mauve Creamy Lip Color
Sand Pink Blush

My favorite two products were the gel eyeliner and the blush. The flattering brown shade of eyeliner was perfect for day or night, and this would work for anyone. The consistency of the eyeliner was beautiful and application was a breeze. It also stayed on all day and looked perfect. The blush was such a pretty shade of pink that really warmed my skin up and looked fantastic on me. The eye shadow and lip color are equally pretty, with the lip color working best for those of you up to a Nia Long shade as it's a paler, metallic pink.

This is limited edition so don't wait to pick this winner up!" P.M.

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