Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Body Veil SPF 20

Tester: African-American with dry skin on body.

"I was eager to try this lotion, as I've discovered many wonderful products for face and body from Clarins. This new body lotion also has the added benefit of SPF, which is fantastic year round, but especially if you live in a warm weather area and your body is often exposed.

I loved the scent (it's the classic fresh, slighty green "Clarins scent") and the texture of this lotion, which was med/thick and silky smooth. It gave me great moisturization, and it also had subtle shimmer light reflecting particles, which really made my skin look great. I also wanted to see what it would do for my overall skin tone and some slight discolorations, and after consistant daily use, I did in fact see an evening in skintone, especially on my legs and arms.

This is a luxury product that made a difference in my skin, and made me feel better knowing that it has sun protection in it. I will continue to use and put in my must have body care stash :)" S.D.

Editor's Note: This formula is best for those with normal/slightly dry-dry skin. This may not provide enough moisturization for very dry skin.

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