Clinique Water Therapy Moisture Glove Hand Cream

Tester: West Indian (Jamaican) with dry skin on hands. Washes hands frequently during the day.

"Like many of you, I have tried lots of hand creams, and have found more than a few that I liked (but many more that I didn't). The winners in my book are always light and smooth in texture, with a nice scent, also make my nails/cuticles look and feel great and of course really moisturize my hands!

My mother has been a big fan of this cream for a few years now, so I couldn't believe it had taken me this long to test it, but better late than never. I absolutely love this cream.

The texture is smooth and light and a tiny amount went a long way to cover both of my hands and also add some to my nail beds as well. I loved how this felt like it was instantly absorbed, yet my skin was moisturized as if I had used something much heavier. There was never any greasy or sticky feel after I applied it. In fact, it felt like there was a spritz of water on my hands each time I applied it, which is a sensation that I have yet to experience with any other hand cream. I used this every evening before bed and at least 3-4 times throughout the day.

After several weeks, I noticed my hands looked fantastic all the time, my nails and cuticles were always soft and neat. I loved the fresh, classic Clinique fragrance as well, which is faint and lingered momentarily. This is the perfect hand cream year round because it moisturizes while being so light. The only skin type I would not recommend this for is very dry with extreme cracking.

Now I know why this is a classic hand product that is worth every penny!" P.K.

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