Cosme Proud 24K Gold Revitalizer

Tester: Hispanic (Dominican) early 30's with combination skin and occasional break outs.

"This product is "24 carat gold" in every sense of the word.

Through a happy "beauty run in" with a lovely sales associate while at New York department store Takashimaya, I enjoyed a mini treatment with this Gold Revitalizer exfoliating mask. After loving the results on a small portion of my hand, I was eager to try in on my face and for an extended time.

I could not get over the fact that it contains actual 24 carat gold flakes thoughout the entire formula. The reasoning behind using the gold, according to Cosme Proud, is that natural gold contains ions help to reach, exfoliate, and moisturize even the skin's deepest layer.

All I knew at first was that not only did the jar and mask itself look elegant and extravagant, but when I used the small spatula (included with the jar) to scoop out the gel mask, it was silky and laced with tons of 24 gold flakes which were surprisingly soft on my skin. As per the instructions, I applied on it slightly damp skin and smoothed the gel over my entire face, concentrating a bit more on my nose area which tends to get blackheads. I left the mask on for about 10 minutes until it dried. When it did dry, it was not to a very hard, cracked consistency, but rather a firm but still pliant one. The gold flecks remained on my face throughout the entire period.

Next, as per the instructions, I began the process of massaging my face so that the gold flecks then began to exfoliate the skin, and then the dead skin, etc rolled off. What I was left with my skin that we so soft it was incredible. The was not a single rough surface on my skin - even my nose and chin, which are usually the most difficult areas for me to keep the pores from clogging. My skin was glowing, hydrated and soft without feeling irritated or dry at all. I enjoyed using this mask about 2-3 times a week and absolutely loved the results. This is without a doubt one of the best skincare products that I've come across this year and is now one of my top mask products.

This is a bit of a splurge, but one that you won't regret.

In addition, I also used their two companion products: the Platinum Deep Treatment which is a very light serum which helps to moisturize and keep skin bright and even toned, and the Gold Revitarich Emulsion which also contains gold ions (but not actual gold flakes like the mask) and was light, but silky smooth and creamy and gave me just enough moisturization without clogging my pores or giving me any break outs.

This revitalizer will work for all skin types, with the exception of very sensitive or acne prone. If you haven't heard of Cosme Proud yet, here's your chance to get some of the best new skincare on the market before everyone else here in the U.S. :)" V.D.

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