Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream

Tester: Asian (Maylasian) with normal/slightly dry skin on body.

"Well, this was a pleasant surprise!

And here's why. This cream (which has a consistency much more of a medium weight lotion) moisturized my skin better than most of the lotions (and body butters) I've used in a very long time. A little of this pleasantly citrus-scented (lemon w/a touch of lavender) lotion went a long way. Just a few pumps after my evening or morning shower were all I needed for both my upper and lower body. My skin felt immediately silky smooth and hydrated and best of all, the moisturizing effects lasted ALL DAY. I was really impressed. There was no heavy, greasy feeling - just silky smoothness.

With consistent use every day, I noticed my skin became much silkier and well moisturized without ever having to reapply during the day - even on colder, drier days.

This is a beauty investment, but one that is absolutely worth every penny. The 16oz bottle is a great deal as well for the amount and the length of time you will have it. I absolutely love this body lotion!" T.V.

Editor's Note: Those of you that have very dry skin should use their more intense Ultrarich Body Cream. Please note that Dermalogica products are only sold in authorized spas/salons/skin treatment centers. Please click below for the center location in the US and Internationally.

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