Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Tester: Multi-ethnic, (Hawaiian/German), late 30's with dry skin.

"This is a little bottle that packs a powerful punch! I was simply amazed with how this booster really made a difference in my normally dry skin.

After my first few days using the clear, light serum before my regluar moisturizer my skin never looked and felt so soft and smooth. I only needed to use about 3-4 drops each time. It sank in instantly, but left a very silky, smooth finish that didn't feel heavy at all. It created a nice "cushion" for either my day moisturizer or my night cream.

Any little fine lines and dry patches on my cheeks that would normally appear were minimized significantly by using the booster in combination with my moisturizer. It really was like the booster supercharged the effects of my moisturizer.

I've used several of Dermalogica's products, and for me this is by far one of their best and worth every penny, espcially since the bottle will last a good while due to the small amount needed each application.

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Editor's Note: The Skin Hydraing Booster is also part of Dermalogica's 2008 holiday Gift Set, called Skin Rescue. This is a great way to introduce someone you love to some of Dermalogica's best products!

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