Lumecin Overnight Brightening Treatment

Tester: African-American, late 30's with combination/dry skin and some hyperpigmentation."It's meant to look like a prescription product, and in fact, Lumecin did pack a powerful punch to produce a significant change in my skin. I had never heard of this product before, but after doing some research, I found out that quite a few of my fellow beauty lovers use this a part of their skin care regimin, and now I see why!

I used this treatment as directed after cleansing at night. I applied a dime's worth on my skin. It felt extremely light and was smooth to the touch, although visually it looks a bit like Prep H (don't be scared!). It was so light in fact, that I at first doubted what it could do.

That is until the morning after using it for 2 consecutive nights. My skin had an unbelievable glow and the texture was so soft. Every morning after I used it I woke to skin that just looked healthy and alive. It was so easy to just dab a bit of concealer and eye makeup and head out the door I felt so confident about my skin. As directed, I used this every night for about 2 weeks, and then went to 3x week. I didn't experience any irritation or flaking.

During the day I used a lotion with spf to help keep my hyperpigmentation at bay, and combined with this treatment at night, I also saw a significant improvment/lightening of my tiny dark spots left from some previous breakouts. What a fantastic discovery that I suspect you won't be dissapointed by either!" L.D.

Note: Contains 6.5% Protectami®/Glucosamine/Urea

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Anonymous said...

I have Lumecin and purchased it for a specific melasma spot on my face. It did nothing for it. I was very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I read your comment with interest and wondered if you would have expected Lumecin cream to remove a freckle? Probably not, but since a melasma is a collection of melanin in the dermal layer just like a freckle, how would you expect a surface treatment like Lumecin to remove it? I'm surprised that you would expect it to work on that area at all! I am not surprised that you were 'disappointed' with the lack of a result.

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