Max Factor Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo - Two Cent

Two Cent, pictured left.

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) about Salma Hayek's complexion with dark brown eyes.

"With Max Factor's Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo there's great news - and a caveat.

First, the great news. I found this to be a flattering, well pigmented eyeshadow duo. The innovative applicator in each end holds the loose powder eye shadow (please note that it is LOOSE). This makes it great for travel and maximizing space in a makeup kit.

Two Cent is deep, shimmery chocolate brown paired with a medium golden yellow shimmer. Together, these two colors worked beautifully with my eyes and skin tone. These colors had enough pigment and silky smoothness to blend and work with all skin tones. The texture of the shadows on the eye is almost like that of a creamy powder, so it was easy to add a light layer and then add more for extra intensity. The staying power of the shadow was fantastic with the shades looking just as rich at the end of a long day at work as when I applied them in the morning. I loved using these with a deep chocolate brown eye pencil to create a smoky eye.

The caveat is really one having to do with the packaging. Since this is loose powder, it is essential that you take each end out of the base and then apply very carefully and slowly. I found that also having a tissue handy to put directly under my eyes also helped with any residual powder seaping on to my cheeks (or on my bathroom sink). Another possibility for those of you who prefer, is to actually use a eye shadow brush and dip into the end containing the powder and apply on the eyes with the brush. This worked very well for me and I still got the benefit of the beautiful rich color and the long lasting application. It really is just a matter of preference and careful application. Having said that, I have to say that I also loved their other shades like Smokin Rose (pictured below) for an unexpected and really flattering color combination, paired with a neutral or rose-toned lip." G.H.

Smokin Rose, pictured left.

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