Ojon Pink Ribbon Revitalizing Mist

Multi-Ethnic (Korean/African-American) with long very curly fine/med hair that is normal/dry.

"A product that makes my hair silky smooth, soft AND smells incredible? You had me at "hello":)

This is a fantastic multi-purpose hair product. I mainly utilized it as a leave in conditioner after washing my hair (I often used Ojon's shampoo) and then let my hair air dry. Once dry, my curls were soft, bouncy, not "crunchy" and with no trace of frizz. I found that the mist was so concentrated, only a few sprays were needed, even with the long hair that I have.

The second way I used it was as a style/fragrance refresher on the weekends if I didn't have a chance to wash my hair. I would just dampen my hair slightly and use the mist to perk up my curls and give them a nice shine and smell. I also found that this little gem also was great as a thermal styling product on the occasions I blew out and flat ironed my hair. I would apply
just a few more sprays than I did for a leave in conditioner, on almost dry hair, and then style. My hair was super shiny, straight, smooth and again, had that amazing Ojon smell from the Ojon oil. I am addicted too it - (slightly sweet/coffee-like with a touch of floral). I experienced no stickiness or greasiness and it never weighed my hair down. Another winner from Ojon!" Y.D.

Editor's Note: This also works well as a detangler on wet hair. Please remember to always shake the bottle well before using. In addition, just a few sprays are all that's needed (to avoid making the hair greasy). This also works best on fine/normal/medium hair textures (not coarse) and is also for use with relaxed/color-treated hair.

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