Urban Decay 24/7 Travel Set VIP & Velvet Rope

Tester: West Indian (Trinidadian) about Halle Berry's complexion with med. brown eyes.

"All I have to say is if you are: crazy about color, love making your eyes pop, a makeup artist looking to do something different for your clients, or just want to try something new with your eyes, you must get these sets.

I was truly impressed with the range of colors and the glitter effects of these pencils. They were so fun to work with! The texture of the pencils is light, smooth and creamy, and they stay on FOREVER! These pencils are also fantastic for doing a twist on the traditional black/brown smoky eye.

There are 5 pencils in each set, and since they are about 4.5 "in or so, they are easy enough to fit in any makeup case.

Order these now! Don't wait these are a limited edition...

My favorite shades for day: Bourbon, 1999 & Stash (From Velvet Rope)

My favorite shades for bolder look at night:
Zero, Lust (amazing metallic purple!), Covet (From VIP)

Go-->Urban Decay 24/7 Travel Size Set Of 5 - VIP

Go-->Urban Decay 24/7 Travel Size Set Of 5 - Velvet Rope

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