Weekend Beauty Steals: L'Oreal, Cover Girl & More

With the weekend fast approaching, you probably want to buy a little beauty "fix", but your budget may be tight, so here's a few of our most popular under $10 cosmetic reviews to give you some budget friendly beauty product ideas! Enjoy...

Sephora.com, Inc.

L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Concentrated Shadow Duo, Saucy 818 $7.09

Tester: African-American, about Gabrielle Union's complexion with dark brown eyes.

"These hip high intensity pigments are fantastic! The left side is a metallic bronze shade and the right a deep metallic brown. They are very pigmented and last all day with very little creasing (yeah!). These colors are so versatile and wearable that they would look good on any skin tone (adding or subtracting to give the desired effect).

My only complaint is with the design. The shadows are upside down and inaccessible (maybe they will redesign this part and create a slide out bottom instead!). Can't wait to try more shades! A definite must have eye product for me now at a great price too!!" S.D.

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CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor, 2 Pieces, Pink Pearl 587 $9.27

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) about Jennifer Lopez’s complexion with medium pigmented lips that are dry.

“The only product from Cover Girl I have ever tried was mascara, and to be honest this brand has not been top of mind. However, I am always intrigued with new ways to make makeup application last longer, look better, etc., so this was my perfect opportunity to try the Outlast product.

This consists of two products – the actual color tube, which I applied with their sponge tipped wand, and after it set and dried, the second product, the top goat “gloss” which is in a swivel up tube and clear.

The color itself is fantastic for pretty, bright summer looks where the lips are the focus. It’s a slightly cool toned bright pink which was a bit lighter than it appeared in the tube. It didn’t give me the “pearly” finish until I applied the top coat gloss. As for the performance, I was definitely impressed as it truly did stay on all day. I applied it early in the morning, and with just a few re-applications of the top coat, the color did not budge. This was fantastic to use on days when I knew I would be running around all day, and short trips. I never had to think about the color, because I always knew it would be there. It’s important to note that you must wait the allotted time for the color to fully dry before added the top coat product! Also, the color on it’s own is very mat and could be drying for those of you with drier lips, so I always used the top coat.

At night, if I really did want the color to stay, I only washed my face with a soap or used a water-based cleansing wipe, and the color was still there the next morning! I just had to use the top coat to freshen it up a bit. My lips stayed moist and hydrated and the color didn’t flake at all. When I did want to completely remove the color, I used an oil based makeup remover or baby oil (which is what is needed to fully remove it).

The only improvement I could see would be to create a double-ended pen with each formula on it. Other than that, this is a fantastic product at a great price that will work with many people’s budgets. This particular color will work best up to a Queen Latifah shade, but they have many to work with all skin tones.” T.M.

Go--> CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor, 2 Pieces, Pink Pearl 587

meetMark glow xpert Face Shimmer in Sun Glow-$8.00

Tester: Asian (Hawaiian & Filipino) about Vanessa Manillo’s complexion with combination skin and good skin tone.

"This is a nice highlighter/illuminator that can be used with a bronzer or without!

It also has very handy and cute packaging. It’s a small round tube with a sponge applicator built into the top. The sponge is about the size and shape of a small marshmallow. As instructed, I shook the product ,unscrewed the top and lightly applied the illuminator to the top of my cheekbones, the arch of the eyes and even my collar bone at night.

I did find that it was better to do the final blend with my fingers and the formula blended into my skin easily. It’s a very flattering golden bronze color with a touch of pink . It’s also a universal color that will highlight all skin tones from Lisa Ling to Alec Wek. It has very nice lasting power (if I applied in the AM it absolutely was still there at night when I washed off my face) . Great little unique product for a perfect price!" T.L.

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