Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat Birthday Cake Batter Body Smoothie Lotion

Tester: Multi-ethnic (Canadian/Brazilian) with dry skin on body.

"I fondly remember walking into my house growing up after school to the smell of freshly baked cakes. It's a scent that just instantly makes me smile at the memories. On occasion I got to watch my mother make cakes and one of the best parts was mixing everything together and of course smelling the batter and licking the bowl after she poured everthing into the baking pan.

I've tested a few other cake and dessert inspired body products and most of them were either way to artificial smelling, smelled like the frosting on the cake, were way to sweet to even bear applying on my body, or didn't have enough scent at all to be called whatever the sweet treat they were named after!

This product has totally made me a fan of a category that I had just simply lost hope in. It's the most precise, acurate, delicious smelling cake batter scent I have ever experienced. The body lotion is white, medium/thick in texture with a wonderful slip that allowed it to just glide over my body. The moisturiziation was very good and I loved how I did indeed smell like "cake batter" but it was so pleasant and lingered faintly just the right amount of time over the course of the day (3-4 hours). It was a sweet, but light smell that I never got tired of.

The bottle itself is fun and cheery like the rest of the line, and of course the actual Dylan's Candy Bar! This is such a great surprise that was perfect for my dry skin AND had this fun fragrance. It's a perfect gift idea and wonderful way to treat yourself with after a long day (or a week of really dieting with no sugar :)!

If cake batter doesn't sound like your thing, there are three other lines equally as yummy smelling to choose from that come in body lotion, body butter, bath gel and lip balm." P.L.

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