Fruits + Passion Argan Hand Butter

Tester: African-American with dry skin on hands and frequently dry cuticles.

"The best part of testing beauty products is that no matter how much you know about ingredients and formulas there is ALWAYS something new to learn- and every now and then that something new is really lovely and delivers on all it's claims.

Fruits and Passion, the Canadian based skincare line, has multiple lines for every skin type and fragrance lover, but this Argan oil based skincare line is one of their finest for dry skin.

The small container holds a very concentrated (less than a dime sized amount was all I needed for both hands), rich cream which was soft and light in texture at the same time. As soon as I massaged it in I could feel the cream sink in and it left a beautiful, nourishing sheen on my hands. They weren't in the least bit greasy, and my cuticles were soft and hydrated. I loved how the skin on my hands looked and felt the longer I used this, which was usually several times a day. This is an unscented cream, which I know many of you prefer, and because of the size, it's easy to pack in most bags.

Really lovely find! You won't be disappointed in this hand cream." S.D.

Editor's Note: Argan hand butter contains 22% plant moisturizers. Argan oil is combined with avocado, cocoa, tahitian monoi oil, olive oil, sesame oil and shea butter.

For best results: Apply a dollop of butter onto the back of each hand and between the fingers and massage into the skin with a circular motion, hands back to back. Finish by rubbing your hands together.

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Resveritol said...

Argan oil is amazing, I got some last time I was in Morocco. It's fantastic in cosmetics.