How to keep busy (and look/feel great) on the Election Day line

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We wanted to offer all of you who are heading out to the polls today a checklist of items to pack in your bag that will keep you busy, and help you to look/feel your best if you're on a never ending Election Day line. :)

Happy Voting!

1. Make sure you have some of these for beauty touchups:
Eye drops
Hand sanitizer
Facial mist
Facial Blotting paper

2. If you have an iphone download/use the following FREE apps:

Sex in the City Carrie's Closet
Twitterific (and follow us for beauty news events reviews!)
Evernote to get a jump start on holiday gift lists, organizing and travel plans

3. No iphone? Pick up the Nov Issues of Essence Magazine, Marie Claire or Elle to flip through.

4. A few more products to help you feel your best:
Sprayology spray vitamins
Tarte embrightement lip gloss/teeth whitener
Ojon revitalizing mist
ted gibson hair sheet
YSL nail pen

And don't forget that nationwide, Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's are offering free coffee/ice cream scoops, respectively, for all those who voted today! Yay!


yummy411 said...

such a cute post! good thing i didn't even have a line to stand in! (i was kinda worried about my people, but it was midday so...)

Anonymous said...

Hello this post is delightful.
I like your blog..