Impluse Buy of the Week: Clinique Happy-to-Go

It's no secret that most of here on the Palacinka team are fragrance fanatics, and as for myself, innovative scent delivery methods are something that always catches my attention.

Solid and pen-based fragrance is not new, and we've seen some really creative versions this year from roller balls to compacts to jewelry. However, this pencil set with a limited-edition collection from Clinique Happy was just too cute to resist!

It includes three Perfume Pencils: Clinique Happy in its own original scent, A Hint of Citrus and A Wealth of Flowers. I loved how easy it was to just glide them on alone, throw in my bag for a touch up, or even switch my fragrance from day to night. It also comes with a sharpener and mini bag. This is a great idea and I thought all three were really pretty fragrances, and the sweet, sunny, pencil colors are really nice. It's sure to put a smile on your face and it's also a unique gift idea for the fragrance lover in your life." RLB


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