Lancome's Chic Delight's Juicy Tube - Cinnamon Brioche

Cinnamon Brioche, pictured left.

Tester: Hispanic (Venezuelan) about Adriana Lima's complexion with med pigmented lips that are dry.

"What a treat this Juicy Tube was to try - and this is coming from someone who has MANY of them!

I love the concept of the shades/flavours being based on French delicacies, and it was no surprise that Lancome hit the nail on the head in particular with this shade, Cinnamon Brioche! In the tube, it looks like a deep reddish brown, but on the lips it was a luscuious, sexy shimmery bronze with deep red accents. It made my entire face light up, looked amazing with my skin tone and of course made my lips look tres sexy. :) I liked wearing it on it's own as it did have enough pigment to really give a nice color on my lips, but it was also amazing over some of my medium reddish-brown nude lipsticks as well. This is also a color that will work on all skintones, including very deep ones.

Then there's the flavor - a very light and pleasant "cinnamon meets freshly baked buns", that lingered subtly thoughout the day. I just loved it. As always, I loved the light feeling and silky smooth texture of the Juicy glosses, and yes, there was a bit of stickiness to it, but it's never been a hinderance to me. Since this is a limited edition I strongly urge you to go get a few while you can!" L.M.

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Caramel Praline, pictured left.

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