Learn the Secrets of Lancome's Juicy Tubes

We recently interviewed Lancôme’s official Juicy Tubes spokesperson, Mollie Winerock, (pictured below) about all thing "Juicy". Mollie is directly responsible for the Juicy Tubes category. She lives, breathes and dreams about this great gloss!

Find out more below in our exclusive interview with her.

RLB: What is the naming process like for each new limited edition collection of Juicy Tubes?

MW: Naming new Juicy Tubes is a fun and exciting part of my job. Every new collection has a story behind it and the names are inspired by the story and the theme of the collection. Some of my favorite names are Tickled Pink, Plum Souffle and Cherry Burst.

RLB: What makes Juicy Tubes so different from other tube lipglosses on the market?

MW: I think it’s a combination of formula and packaging. The Juicy Tubes formula is comfortable thanks to the shiny oils, which maintain moisture on the lips. And of course the shades! There are so many colors to choose from--certainly one for every mood and every time of day.

RLB: What are your personal favorite Juicy Tube shades?

MW: There are so many that I love, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Sun Bronze. This shade is a rich, lush bronze with a slight shimmer that really dresses up my lips. My favorite limited edition shade actually just launched! It is in our new Chic Delights collection at Lancôme counters now! French Vanilla is the shade. This gloss is a light cream color and is perfect when you just want a little shimmer on your lips.

Stay tuned for a review of one of our favorite shades from the Chic Delights collection!

The newest Juicy Tubes collection, Chic Delights, is inspired by French pastries. Chic Delights comes in eight shades (and flavors), including Strawberry Sorbet, Plum Souffle, Caramel Praline, French Vanilla, Cinnamon Brioche, Sweet Éclair, Crème de Cassis and Tarte Tatin. They are available at all Lancôme locations, including www.lancome-usa.com.

Cinnamon Brioche Creme de Cassis Tarte Tartin

Juicy Tube Factoids:

  • There over 30 permanent shades to choose from and limited-edition shades arriving each season.

  • 11 Juicy Tubes are sold around the world every minute.


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