MAC Prime + Prep Face Protect SPF 50

Tester: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) with combination/oily skin and frequent breakouts.

"Many all-in-one products sacrifice one thing for another, but in the case of Prime + Prep Face Protect, MAC has achieved a perfect balance. With skin that veers towards oily much of the time, I need a primer to offer a smooth canvas and help my makeup stay in place, all while fighting shine. Now I can have all of that plus SPF which is great.

The texture of this primer is a bit thicker than the average primer (even their original version) as a result of the SPF. I still liked how it felt on my skin, which was creamy and smooth and it absorbed very quickly. It gave me a very nice matte finish. With this product my makeup stayed in tact well over 12+ hours and it did a very nice job controlling my oil in the tzone. So much so that when I used this I only had to blot a few times during the day, as opposed to multiple blotting throughout the day and evening combined with a few powder touch ups like I normally need to.

Even with the added SPF, this formula didn't clog my pores or cause any breakouts. This is now a must have part of my makeup ritual." L.C.

Editor's note: If you have dry/very dry skin this will work best adding a light layer of your regular moisturizer first.

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