Impluse Buy of the Week: Tory Burch Metallic Snake Makeup Bag

When we saw this cosmetic bag during a recent trip to the Tory Burch store, we just simply could not help ourselves! The small cosmetic bag is the perfect size to throw in your handbag with all your daily essentials, and the color is even more luxurious in person. This is the perfect little posh touch for all your treasured makeup finds.

Logo at center and logo zip pull.

The small is 4 in" T x 6in" L. But if that's not enough to keep all your precious beauty items for daily use or travel, move up to the medium or large size (pictured, left) which come in this same incredible color!

Here are a few suggestions on what to keep stocked inside:

Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Collection

Guerlain le 2 Mascara

Lime Wedge Emery Boards

Nurturing Force Facial Blotting Paper

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tory burch said...

tory burchが今の時に大人気なアメリカブランド品です。多くのセレブがこのブランド品を持っています!豪華さとエレガントが相まって出来上がったトリーバーチ シューズはここでいっぱいあります!ファッション性がたっぷり溢れています。好きなら迷わないでください!