Om Skincare- Elixir de Beauté Champagne Facial Cleanser

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (Italian&Dominican) with combination skin and occational breakouts.

"When I was first given this cleanser to try I thought to myself , "Well, if it has anything to do with Champagne (one of my biggest loves), I'm all in." Although, I did think that a cleanser with Champagne in the name was a bit on the gimicky side at first glance.

Then, much like with a glass of champagne that I wouldn't have thought would have much of an impact on me - I was pleasantly surprised with this cleanser. The texture is a light/medium weight pebble brown colored liquid with a bit of a gel feel as well. I've rarely felt a texture like this. The cleanser has tons of very small exfoliating Champagne grapeseeds (hence the Champagne name) which didn't feel rough, but were nicely effective. I also loved how concentrated this cleanser was. With just a small pea sized amount mixed with water there was tons of lather, and a great scub to boot!

The cleanser has a very nice fragrance (vagely "grape-y" but more on the fresh side) , and after rinsing my skin felt soft, smooth and supple. I loved how the longer I used it the texture of my skin improved and had that wonderful healthy glow. This was truly a pleasure to use and was excellent in combination with their two other products which I was equally impressed with. The Crème Luxe 2 and Extrait de Caviar cream for eyes.

If you are looking for a new skin treat this is definately the line to go with!" V.T.

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