Palacinka Reader Question: Best Products for Ingrown Hair

Question: I like to remove the hair on my bikini area, sometimes I wax, Other times I use a razor or hair removal cream. Unfortunately, no matter what I use, I always get those painful bumps of ingrown hairs.

It´s not only painful, but uncomfortable, and I´m getting a lot of scars.

Would you let me know what can I do to avoid this? - Andrea A.
Answer: There are 3 products that all of us at Palacinka Beauty swear by to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs.

Everyone has their own preference, and each one of our picks has a different delivery method. The first is bliss ingrown hair eliminating peeling pads (pictured, above) which are pre-moistened pads which are gentle on the skin and great for travel (you can tuck a few into a tight sealed small zip lock baggie). The next is the cult classic, Tend Skin Liquid, For Men and Women, which is a clear liquid applied with a cotton ball. This one does sting a bit at first, but is super effective at destroying ingrown hairs, preventing future ones and leaving skin soft and smooth to boot! The third is Barc Razor Bump Relief, which is a light cream in a pump bottle. It's alcohol free and when we first tested this product last year, we were blown away with how effective it was at eliminating current ingrown hairs, and with use after every shave, preventing any future ones!

* For our international readers, some of these products, may not ship internationally at the time, but try using the My US mail forwarding service to get your hands on these items and anything else you read about on the Palacinka Beauty Blog!


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