Winners of Oprah's Olay Beauty Picks Giveaway!

We're happy to annouce the 30 Palacinka readers who have won the Olay product of their choice from our Oprah's beauty picks giveaway!


  1. Shimronde Providence

  2. Dawn Martin

  3. Stefanie Harinarain

  4. Nana-Adwoa Ofori

  5. Melonie Simples

  6. Georgia Kustura

  7. R Hightower

  8. Rashida Vasquez

  9. Karin Aaberg

  10. Jean Delehant

  11. Michelle Hudak

  12. Erika Gresham

  13. Zara Knox

  14. Zipporah Sandler

  15. Lilly Harari

  16. Christine Hom

  17. Bianca Parker

  18. Chérie Abee Mabrey

  19. Taj Kattapuram

  20. Laquayva Anthony

  21. Laney Knapp

  22. Sara Alloy

  23. Venus Dagdagan

  24. C. Page

  25. Regina Sanders

  26. Shimronde Providence

  27. Mary Jenkins

  28. Guin White

  29. Kathe Elwell

  30. Zoe B. Benfield


mrsshukra said...

Thank you from #23! Happy Holidays!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm having trouble affording Christmas presents, so this is for my mom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! - I love Palacinka Beauty!

nape said...

Yay! I'm there! Thank you so much.

chris said...

congrats to all the winners!!

Zippy said...

A great big Champagne Living THANK YOU to Palacinka Beauty.

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise I found when I got home yesterday!! Thank You so much!!! I wanted to try it, but it was too expensive!! I cannot wait to use it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I was definitely surprised to receive my package today! Thanks!!