Drugstore Buy of the Week: Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Triple Smoothing Body Lotion

Tester: Middle Eastern (Lebanese) with very dry skin on body.

"This winter has been brutal to my skin. I was flaking and itching on my lower legs, and my elbows and knees were constantly dull and rough.

This product from Lubriderm was a lifesaver!

It truly stopped the cycle of dry, rough and flaky skin. The lotion is thicker than some of the other Lubriderm lotions, but was still light in feel and very airy/creamy. I applied it in the evenings right after my bath. The lotion spread easily and quickly and it absorbed very quickly.

Editor's Note: If you have just shaved/exfoliated, do NOT apply this lotion to those areas directly after bathing because the exfoliating AHA and glycolic acid will cause a mild burning sensation!

The lotion left my skin baby soft and smooth -- even my feet and heels which are also contantly dry. It didn't leave a greasy or heavy feel, just soft smooth, glowing skin. After my first few appliations I could notice a big improvement in my touble areas like heels, knees an elbows, and the backs of my legs. They were consistantly moisturized, and the texture and tone looked much better. I consistently had soft, smooth skin with no flaking or dry patches during the day. It also made a great hand cream when I was in a rush or before bed as well!

This is a wonderful product (drugstore gem!) from Lubriderm which really is "advanced " :) L.A.

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Triple Smoothing Body Lotion


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