Drugstore Buy of the Week: Nivea A Kiss of Shine Lip Conditioner - Natural

Every time I travel to Europe and peek into a "pharmacie" or drugstore chain with beauty products, I'm always stunned at how many great Nivea products there are that never see the light of day in the U.S.

Well, now at least on their lip care front, Nivea has done all of us a big favor by launching their "Kiss of..." line of lip balms here.

A Kiss of Shine in natural appeared pearly pink out of the tube, but went on my lips clear, with
a very subtle Gold shimmer. This provided a really nice shine on my lips -- not too over the top, but noticeable nonetheless.

The texture is light, smooth and gel-like in consistency -- it's really a lip balm/gloss hybrid. The fragrance is reminded me of a sustrawberry/mixed fruit combination, which I liked. It made a great base for my lipsticks and moisturized very well. The applicator is a slant tip which was perfect for quick touch ups as well.

All of this wrapped up in a great under $4 price tag. For those of you who want a bit of color, they have two other shades as well.

This is one of the nicest all around drugstore lip balms that I've tried recently. Click and get a few today!" S.D.

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