Drugstore Buy of the Week: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

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I've learned the secret of using oils after bathing to lock in moisture for my skin, which is constantly dry, especially in the winter months. However, this cocoa butter oil is far and away one of the best because it not only locks in moisture, smells incredibly yummy but has a silky smooth feel that I became addicted too!

Since this is a multi-purpose oil, I would use this in a few ways. The oil is golden yellow in color and in a flip top bottle (if traveling you would need to put this in a zip lock to insure no leakage). A few times a week after a full body scrub and rinsing off in the shower, I would immediately apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil and then towel off. It was such a nice indulgence! My skin felt baby soft from the scrub, and with the oil applied (which fully dried in a few minutes) it was like I has a brand new skin each week! I loved the scent of the oil, which "hints at" chocolate, but is not entirely "foody" in smell -- rather it's a natural and light scent that was very relaxing. The feel of the oil was incredibly light and dried down to a completely dry product with no greasy feel.

The other way I loved to use it was by putting two capfuls into my bath. After my bath I would apply a bit more to my very dry areas like elbows and lower legs and then dry off. The was simply heaven for my skin! After using the oil daily in either one of the ways previously described for several weeks, my skin had an amazing glow, was never flaky or dry during the day and I noticed the moisturizing effects right through taking my next shower/bath. I was truly impressed. This is another little drugstore gem that should be in every woman's bathroom cabinet! R.L.B.

Editor's Note: This also makes a great daily cuticle oil for nails.

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*This product was provided by Palmer's PR for reviewing purposes.

stila for E! live from the red carpet

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