The Healing Seed Cleanser

Tester: Asian (Filipino), mid 20's with oily/combination skin and occasional breakouts.

"I've been testing many cosmetic products lately, so it was a nice change of pace to try this new cleanser, part of the new The Healing Seed line of skin care products. All of their products, including the cleanser, are organic and made with organic hemp seed oil.

I expected this to be a "bare bones" type of cleanser -- effective but without many bells and whistles. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cleanser was a lightweight, silky cream with a pretty pearlecent white color. Next I was surprised by the soft, "cushiony" feel of the cleanser on my skin. It lathered very well, and smelled incredible. The combination of pepermint oil and English daisy oil was really uplifting and refreshing. I looked forward to smelling it each morning actually!

After rinsing my skin was soft and supple -- not stripped, tight or dry. It left my drier parts moisturized but did not aggrevate my oily areas. Using this 2x day for several weeks, my breakouts were also minimized, which was a pleasant benefit.

The packaging is clean, modern and simple and the flip top was ideal for cleansing in the shower and at the gym.

This is a perfect choice for those of you looking for a new gentle cleanser, and of course if you use organic skincare exclusively, this will really make you smile!" T.A.

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Editor's Note: All healing seed products contain organic hempseed oil. Here's more information on Hemp Seed oil and it's skin care benefits., Inc.

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