Maison Belle Makes EVERYTHING Beautiful

It's not very often that we feature non beauty item on Palacinka Beauty, but we do love products that smell great and clean well -- even if it's kitchen counters and sinks (and hands too)!. So we are delighted to tell you about Maison Belle.

We were recently introduced to this line of natural, non-toxic "luxury cleaning/bath" products, created by the Danish "Martha Stewart", Isabella Smith. We were impressed not only by the fantastic, fresh natural scents (and unique combinations) but also by how well they worked!

The "Hands" hand wash was simply Divine. The grapefruit & lemon was as potent and fresh as could be. The soap had nice lather, cleansed well and was gentle and non-drying. The packaging is also tres chic for any area in your maison belle (kitchen, bathroom, etc) :) The "Dishes" soap has a very unique combination of apple and thyme which was really nice and cut all grease/baked on food with quickly and with ease.

Everyone who came to visit our home when we were using the products just had to know what it was and were also gushing over the smell and packaging (Q'uest que elle "belle" indeed!).


Maison Belle products are available in Anthropologie stores, Sur La Table and


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