"Sexy Green" Ecozine Launches!

On February 14th, Valentine's Day, Om Aroma & Co. is launching the Sexy Green ecozine, a "green book" guide to living stylishly, consciously and abundantly.

Recognizing that Om Aroma fans crave a luxury green lifestyle, the company decided to launch Sexy Green - an all-digital, quarterly ecozine, designed for affluent tastemakers and trendsetters who embrace this movement.

The ecozine will be filled with helpful information with a focus on fusing a luxury and green lifestyle, while providing inspiring tips and articles on how to look and feel best. The content will also focus on inspiring ways to improve the inner and outer you, along with favorite products and places that are green, socially responsible and sexy!

We'll definately be reading this innovative publication!

Our friends at Om Aroma would also like to extend a very special offer just for Palacinka Beauty Blog readers - a 20% off coupon on all purchases at www.OmAroma.com. This coupon is good through February 14th (CODE: Valentines20).

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