Beauty Find - Eye Slices

So these may look like refreshing cucumber slices for the eyes (one of my favorite ways to relax), but it's actually a new eye treatment that battles puffiness, redness and dark circles.

Unlike than your basic cucumber though, these can be stored in the refrigerator for extra cooling, are travel ready and can even be reused!

I used these for the first time after a late nice and noticable puffiness under my eyes. I peeled open the eye pods contained within the green lightweight plasic shell-like case, and applied over my eye area (they have a gel texture that allows them to stay in place on the eye. This means they stay put even if you are not laying down).

I kept them on for about 15 min and when I removed them I was very pleased to see my eyes looking much better. The puffiness went down and I looked much more refreshed. I simply rinsed them off and tucked them back into the snap close case after use. I used these at lease 3x times week. One of the best parts of being a beauty blogger is discovering really cool, unique items (that WORK) and this indeed is one of them! - RLB

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Eye pods opened, left.

Editor's Note: Eye Slices -

Have a two year shelf life

Are a bacteria-free product

Are safe and non-toxic

Do not sting, burn the eyes or cause tearing

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