Drugstore Buy of the Week - Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain -Wild Berry Wink 440

Wild Berry Wink 440, pictured left.

Tester: Hispanic (Cuban) about America Ferrara’s complexion with lightly pigmented lips.

"Do you love lip color?

Do you hate reapplying it?
Do you like lip colors that are cheery and fun?

If the answer to all three of these questions is "yes" then this Outlast Lipstain is THE product for you, like it was for me!

I was immediately drawn to this fresh and bright shade, Wild Berry Pink. As with any lip stain, it's important that lips are as smooth as possible, so I exfoliated well before my first application.
My first impression was the flavor of the stain -- it was sweet but not overly so and left a nice scent as well. The pen itself was very easy to use (yes it looks and is almost the exact size of a highlighter pen). I worked quickly to deposit the color first on my top then bottom lips, using light, smooth strokes. There is an enormous amount of pigment in this shade.

The color is a very deep berry pink with a touch of red and is bright but not in a "neon" way. The product did just what it said. It didn't budge, feather, smudge or get on my teeth at all. It was truly the workhorse of my makeup on the days I wore it! I also loved that it dried quickly and worked well with glosses when I wanted a shinier lip. (Tip:let the stain dry completely before adding gloss!). During the day, the color didn't fade very much, and when it did towards the end of the day, it faded evenly.

This particular shade may be a bit too bright for very pale skins, but will work very well with those with skintones in the Jennifer Lopez to Gabrielle Union range. The Outlast Lipstain line has a few lighter pinks and pinky/browns that will work on lighter skin tones or for a more nude lip, however.

Editor's Note: If you have very dry lips make sure you apply a generous layer of lip balm before applying this product." L.G.

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