Drugstore Buy of the Week - Pantene Nature Fusion

Tester: Hispanic with thick, naturally wavy hair that is highlighted. Hair is normally very dry.

"Pantene is filling a great niche with this new Nature Fusion line. Often, natural/organic hair care products are hard to find, or not always budget friendly. Here is a line that has many natural, smoothing ingredients (
botanical blend of cassia, calendula, ginger and aloe vera) and fewer additives that their other hair care lines (note: it is NOT organic and does still contain sulfates), and performs very well at a perfect price.

I thought the Moisture Balance Conditioner was great in particular. I used it about 3x week after washing with the (Moisture Balance Shampoo). It's pale mint green in color and I liked the fragrance (a fresh, light floral), which was lighter and less persistent than that of Pantene's other lines. It wasn't heavy but really moisturized both my scalp and especially my ends. After my hair dried it was shiny and smooth. My frizz was significantly reduced and after using on a regular basis every week my hair looked and felt much healthier. I will continue to use and encourage those of you who like the Pantene products or are looking for a more natural alternative to give this line a go!" L.R.

Go-->Pantene Nature Fusion products are available at most drugstore chains nationwide and include both Moisture Balance and Smooth Vitality lines.

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