Drugstore Buy of the Week - Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen

This is certainly not the first nail polish pen, but it certainly is one of the best.

Here's why:

-- It claims it's fast drying (it's in the title too) and by gosh, it IS!

-- The pen is goof proof, priced right and the shades may not be the most unique, but they are flattering and some even quite fun.

I tested this is Sheer Pink first. It was very easy to use. I just clicked on the back end until polish flowed out onto the brush tip (be sure not to overdo it!), and painted it on. I then clicked the end again when I needed more polish. The back end is translucent, so when I turned the pen over I could see how much polish was left.
Retails for about $7.99

It dispensed the perfect amount of polish so that I was able to apply to each of my nails quickly. The brush itself may be a bit different for some of you -- it's very short and wide. But this made coverage of my nails very easy. My nails were neat with no mess at all. I found that 1 coat was a little too sheer for me, but two made the color even and very solid. I also loved that there were no brush or streak marks.

As I mentioned, this nail polish dries fast. I would say that it really took no more than 1-2 minutes for both of my hands to be completely dry. The finish is semi-shiny and very natural. (If you are looking for a high shine effect, I would try the Sally Hansen Speed Shine top coat on top).

The formula had great staying power as well. My manicure lasted 4 full days before I saw any real chipping. For those of you who travel often or need to touch up before meetings or events, this is ideal (they are only about 4"in long) , and the Sheer Bliss is a can't loose, flattering shade of blush pink (it's lighter than the color swatch below) that looks good on all skin tones too! I'm stocking up on these.

Editor's Note: I also loved the Purple shade. It's a true deep purple with no shimmer/glitter or metallic effect. If you are in the mood for something more edgy, this shade is a fun choice too! It's also really nice for a quick pedicure. -- RLB

Sheer Bliss, pictured, left

Available at most major drugstores across the U.S.


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