Impluse Buy - MAC Hello Kitty Brush Holder Set

If you are a hard core Hello Kitty fan (of any age) then this MAC Hello Kitty brush holder set is a must have. What constitutes a hard core fan, you may ask? Well, for us, it means you probably have at least some but most likely all of the following: the Hello Kitty Toaster, water dispenser, bento box, pillows, costume and/or fine jewelry, pencil cases, multiple t shirts, bags, pens, stickers, waffle maker, telephone, cd player...

So if in fact you are that hard core fan, then there is no question about this item is there?

It's a limited edition black plastic brush holder in the shape of a Hello Kitty head complete with her iconic pink bow. Contains a basic set of brushes for lip, face, eyes: the 187SE, 109SE, 239SE brushes.

Editor's Note: We're told it's sold out online right now, but check your nearest MAC store to see if they still have them. Happy Hunting! It will be worth it. We're tickled pink with ours :)
To see the rest of the Hello Kitty collection and accessories online please visit today! --RLB


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