Impulse Buy of the Week - Kenzo Eaux de Fleurs - Eau De Soie

If you are a big fan of Kenzo fragrances like we are, then Eau de Fleur, part of a set of three special edition "fragrance waters", will make you swoon!

The fragrance opened up very sparkly but soft (just as you imagine silk to feel) and then felt like it was almost "swaying" and floating along my skin. I found that the soft floral notes mixed effortlessly with the soft fruity notes.

The dry down was also very soft but extremely long lasting. The overall effect is very soft and clean with a touch of floral.
This is not an "in your face scent" -- like some of our other Kenzo fragrances, I found that one has to be fairly close to smell you.

We see this as a perfect fragrance for everyday, weekends and/or a travel fragrance.
If you like soft jasmine or peony scents this will also be perfect for you.

In true Kenzo fashion, the bottle is a true piece of art matching the beautiful, subtle composition of the fragrance. Tinted in light shades of rose, saffron and chartreuse, the bottle curves as if "swaying in the wind" (like the silk flower pictured on the box). Simply beautiful!

Please don't wait to pick this fragrance up! " RLB

Go-->Eau de Fleur de Soie, Inc.

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