Prescriptives Photochrome Light Adjusting Compact Makeup SPF 15

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (Hawaiian/Japanese) about Tia Tequila's complexion with good skin tone and slight under eye circles.

"I had gotten away from using cream-to-powder foundations for a while, so it was nice to come back to a product that was REALLY good like this one.

Prescriptives PhotochromeLight-Adjusting Compact Makeup SPF 15 provided an excellent match for my skin tone (Warm Gold, 04), which first and foremost was very impressive to me. I was also able to create just the type of coverage I needed on any particular day. Very light to medium/full coverage by just building the layers (I got much better results using a foundation brush, as it distributed the product better on my face than the sponge).

The foundation formula is creamy and blended well. When I first applied the foundation, it did have a very shiny look, but within a few minutes it disappeared as it converted into the powder. I had a beautiful, semi-matte finish that made my skin look flawless outdoors, in photos -- even in the dreaded florescent light. It provided great moisture without making me look oily, and lasted all day without ANY touch ups. The coverage was good enough that I could also use it as a concealer and to hide any redness or little discolorations I might have had. The compact was perfect for travel/gym/bag with no mess, no fuss!

This is product really has everything that I could ask for in a foundation - plus some sun protection. Nice!" L.H.

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Weekend Beauty Review Update - March 28th

Here are some of the new reviews/beauty updates on the blog that you might have missed this week! Enjoy...

Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash Cologne

Impulse Buy of the Week: Sephora by OPI nail polish in Techno Girl

Beauty Find: Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Hydrating Makeup

Estee Lauder Pure Gloss Stick in Poppy

Go Green with Lucky Magazine & Almay

Impulse Buy of the Week: Hissyfit Body Double Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer, inc.

Impulse Buy of the Week: Hissyfit Body Double Moisturizer SPF 30+

"I've been in a bit of a body moisturizer rut lately, so this came at the perfect time for me. I wanted a great feeling, great smelling, light but super moisturizing product - that also has SPF for at least moderate daily outdoor exposure. Body Double, from new Australian skincare line Hissyfit, hit the mark in all the categories above for me. I loved the creamy, silky light texture of the lotion and the fragrance is really nice! It's a little sweet/a little tart - (think a Creamsicle) from the blend of Vanilla, Almond, Orange and Grapefruit extracts it contains.

After applying 1x day after a shower my skin was noticeably softer and smoother, but without a trace of greasiness. The lotion absorbed quickly but had a nice "moist" effect that I liked. I was left with a subtle sheen on my skin and with regular use I could tell that my skin was really supple throughout the day. It's a nice size for travel and I found it was very concentrated to a few pumps went a long way to make it budget friendly as well." - RLB

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Body Double provides SPF 30+ broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection.

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Please visit to learn more about Almay's new Almay pure blends products - and for your chance to win a Lucky reusable tote. Almay and Lucky Magazine will plant a tree in your honor for visiting too!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Stick: Orange Poppy

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Stick is part of the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Collection., Inc. Tester: Multi-Ethnic (Italian/Dominican) about Salma Hayek's complexion with medium pigmented lips that are dry.

"Estee Lauder's newest line of lipsticks, Pure Color Gloss Sticks are really brilliant!

The Orange Poppy shade is a sheer orange/peach with a touch of gold shimmer. It really is a combination of
lipstick and lipgloss. The look and feel is glossy and shiny, but it has the staying power and coverage of a lipstick, because there is a good amount of pigment. It was extremely moisturizing and kept my lips moist all day long. This was perfect to give me a little pop of color when I was wearing an otherwise neutral face and also worked at even when if you wanted a dark smokey eye look with a softer, glossy lip.

The scent was nice - a little fruity but not overwhelming. This shade will work best up to a Kerry Washington skin tone. This a fantastic product and one of the collection's other shades, Pop Pink, is also delightful
for a light, fresh spring/summer pink lip look." T.H.

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Beauty Find: Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10

This week's Beauty Find is courtesy of one of our frequent beauty testers who is Hispanic (Puerto Rican) about America Ferrara's complexion with combination skin and good skin tone.

"This is a foundation lover's dream! I loved that I could achieve a dewy natural look with this product - which is my favorite. The foundation has a light, creamy consistency, yet it is a liquid. Only a few pumps were needed to fully cover my face. I found that it blended very easily using my fingers, but I also got great results using a foundation brush.
It didn't feel cakey or heavy on my skin. The foundation covered both my drier areas like my cheeks and my oily areas like my T-zone equally well. After applying it, I didn't feel like I even had foundation on, I just looked radiant and my skin was very well hydrated.

As for the color match (I used
Dark Beige 050), I was also very pleased. However, I did notice that the shade dried on my skin a bit darker than the shade in the bottle. Editor's Note: unfortunately this product only comes in 12 shades, so if you are darker than Gabrielle Union this line currently doesn't have shades in that range. (But hopefully they will soon) *hint - hint*

This is a "luxury foundation" but in my opinion you will certainly be getting a superior product for the money. Also, because so little is needed for normal/medium coverage, this will last a 3-5 months at the very least, even using every day.

This is the perfect foundation for those of you who have fairly good skin, need a bit of coverage, and want a dewy, luminous finish that will also stay in place all day." Y.L.

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Impulse Buy of the Week: Sephora by OPI - Techno Girl

Techno girl, pictured left.

"Wow! What a fun find. This is a great pink for manicure, but phenomenal on the toes as well.

I've been a fan of OPI for a while now, but this was my first venture into the Sephora for OPI line. As with OPI, the quality of these polishes are outstanding. I love this cheery, pink shade. It's a bright pink (but not neon) with a dash of pastel pink, and has neutral undertones so this will look great on everyone.

The formula is creamy, silky smooth and never went on streaky. It has great shine and stayed on for well over 5 days before chipping." -RLB

SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour Techno Girl, Inc.

Marc Jacobs Splash - Cucumber, Inc. "I know I like the taste of cucumbers, but some of the cucumber scented beauty products that I've smelled over the years just didn't capture that essence for me, so I put the concept of cucumber fragrances in the back of my mind.

That is until now. I recently had the opportunity to try the limited edition
Marc Jacobs Splash - Cucumber . I was so amazed at how fresh, clean and crisp it smelled - and actually reminded me of how I feel when I eat cucumbers (it's not an exact copy - but rather a really smart and modern scent influenced by the essence of Cucumber).

The top notes are very light and refreshing - a watery cucumber and linden flower are what jumped out on my skin first. I got grassy notes as well which were subtle and blended well with the cucumber and flower notes. Perfect for warm spring and summer days.

The dry down creates a very pretty, light woodiness which was not powdery or overbearing. It was uplifting and yet comforting at the same time. Since it's splash, this is not a very long lasting scent, but I found that it was great to apply in the morning, the afternoon for a pick up if I was able, and at the end of the day. It's so delightful I loved applying it anyway!

If you are looking for something refreshing that is not a citrus or a fruity floral this is perfect. This can be worn on all occasions and will be just the scent you want when
it gets super hot this summer and your sweeter, heavier perfumes get stifling.

Another plus - the bottle is large enough that you can use it daily and really have it around for a long time.
I used it 2-3 times a day for weeks and still have a large amount left in the bottle. You can also use this during the day by decanting some from the large bottle into an atomizer.

Since this is a limited edition, I suggest getting a bottle (or two) for the soon-to-be-here warmer days ahead or for your tropical get aways! -RLB

Fragrance Notes: Cucumber, Lotus Leaf, Cactus Flower, Linden Blossom, Tiger Lily, Freesia, Frosted Musk, Blonde Woods.

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Clinique Quick Blush: Pronto Pink Tester: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) about America Ferrara's complexion with good skin tone.

"There are innovations in the beauty world every day. Some more worthy of mention than others- and this powder blush, housed in the cap LID of Clinique Quick Blush is one of them.

This was so perfect for all the on the go moments on my life. The blush and brush are inside of a chubby silver cylinder. I just twisted the cyliner to allow the brush to reach the powder blush inside the cap on the other end. The color, Pronto Pink, is a medium rose pink (cool) with light shimmer. It gave me a beautiful healthy flush. The staying power was good, and I generally added a little in the evening if I was going out for a little more pop.

This is a very pretty, uncomplicated pink that many women can wear, and would work best up to a Kerry Washington shade. The brush itself is very soft but firm, and deposited the perfect amount on color on the brush - amazing! The Quick Blush tube is the perfect size and very lightweight.

The pretty shade and wonderful application method make this one of my favorite new items for the spring, and will be perfect for summer get-aways!" J.M.

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Beauty Find: Dove Go Fresh Body Mist

I LOVE, bracing, energizing scents in the morning - Grapefruit/Lemon/Citrus notes are what I reach for time and time again. Now I've discovered a great drugstore product that gives me all of that AND a bargain that can reach for all the time!

Dove go fresh Body Mist, Energizing Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent
is a great, clean fragrance that was not too strong or overpowering - but still bright, clear and noticeable on my skin.

I found that the trick to getting this body spray to really have staying power (remember: body mists are really not meant to be long lasting fragrances), is to apply body lotion first, right out of the shower, so skin is very moisturized, then I sprayed two rounds of the mist on my pulse points (wrist, inside elbows, backs of knees). Note: Dove also makes a line of products in this scent which you can also use to layer - body wash, bar soap and deodorant.

This is a spot on multi-citrus scent that refreshes and energizes - perfect for spring/summer and also post work out or plane travel. Since it's fairly small it's also easy to put in your purse if you want to refresh at the end of the day - the scent is that lovely that you really will want to -- like I did almost every day! - RLB

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