Drugstore Buy of the Week: Venus Embrace

I've been a Gillette girl for a while now (even sneaking my husband's awesome Mach 3 from time to time!), but I am happy to say that this Venus Embrace is good enough that I won't be sneaking around any time soon.
There are several features of the razor I simply love. First, the moisturizing strip is incredible. The strip just made the razor glide over my skin as if it was actually shaving gel. I found that I had to use very little shaving gel with it and on some occasions I just used it alone and got a wonderful, super smooth shave (with no ingrown hairs, nicks or razor burn!).
Secondly, with the 5 blades, every single hair was removed in one swipe and my skin was as soft as a baby afterwards. In addition, the razor comes docked in a lightweight shower pod. The pod has mini suction cups in the back to hold it in place --convenient and worked well. The pod opens up to store additional razor heads, which I though was genius too! The razor was easy to clean under running water. If all that wasn't enough, the razor heads also lasted a long time (with use several times a week), so this helps to save money on buying new cartriges.
Tip: To get the most of out the moisture ribbon, make sure you don't leave the razor in a very wet area or just pat it dry after each use, otherwise it can get gummy. -RLB

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