Impluse Buy of the Week: Creme de la Mer: The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid

The great thing about La Mer's latest addition to the line, The SPF 30 Protecting Fluid, is that if you are a big fan of La Mer products (like I am) then this will be music to your ears. If, however, you have never tried La Mer before and need a wonderful primer/spf that will also make your skin look amazing (and doesn't cost as much as the original creme) -- then keep reading too!

This Fluide De La Mer is a soft, pale green (just like the top of the packaging), and the texture is divine. It is a medium weight liquid that is soft, silky and light to the touch. I found that it went on my face smoothly and easily and had that trademark La Mer scent! It was soothing, hydrating and yes, provided that legendary La Mer glow! The finish is semi-matte.

This was the perfect product to use as a primer. My makeup went on smoothly and there were no issues with the product caking, balling up or changing the texture of my makeup during the day.

What is extraordinary about this product is that with the included SPF 30, there was NO trace of sunblock on my skin. The product sank in and dried completely clear. Many times primers with sunscreen still leave a faint trace of white or grayish cast on the skin, so this was one of my favorite features of the product.

The technology used in this protecting fluid include tourmaline and malachite gemstones, which absorb light energy, to enhance anti-oxidant activity and prevent the appearance of discoloration. Combining that with their exclusive photonic spheres which capture light while diverting potentially damaging light from the skin and you've got one heck of a product.

After using this product exclusively as a primer every day for several weeks, my skin looked radiant and the tone was fantastic. All in all, this is absolutely another home run for La Mer. -RLB

Editor's Note: Our hopes for this line? That a sunscreen for body and higher SPF UV protecting fluid versions (40, 50) are on the way too! :)

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