Impulse Buy of the Week: Benefit Coralista Face Powder

"I happen to love coral cosmetics shades. Benefit's Coralista face powder combines the best features of the color with some really pretty extras that I loved.

This shade is very pigmented and has the perfect amount of pink and orange that made it work with many different skin tones among our Palacinka testers. On very warm skin tones there was a bit more orange that popped out and on cooler I noted the pinks. This color worked well on shades as wide ranging as those similar to a Catherine Zeta-Jones through an Iman. I loved how flattering it was and how brightened up my face instantly.

It should be noted that this is, in fact, a face powder, and not a blush. This just means that while you can certainly apply directly on the cheeks with a blush brush, as I did at times, it's really meant for highlighting the temples, cheekbones, bridge of nose and even brow bones. Please note: it looks VERY bright in the box, but it is light and sheer going on. There is a medium level of fine shimmer effect. With a light layer of the powder, it didn't produce a super bright color, but rather a glowing shimmer effect. (This means that it is perfect for using along with your favorite blush as well). However, because of the pigments, it's still a buildable color and if you like, with additional applications, you can achieve more of a true rich, deep color shade, which looks fantastic on skin tones in the Serena Williams range.

The island themed box packaging is adorable and quite large, so this will last a fairly long time. It also has a really nice light citrus scent which I found refreshing. This is a wonderful additional to your makeup collection for Spring and you will definitely use it for seasons to come!" -RLB

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