Maybelline Stiletto Lash Mascara Tester: Multi-Ethnic (German/Korean) with fine/medium, short straight lashes.

"With packaging that looks like a high stiletto heel, this mascara did get my attention right away. It's billed as a lash lengthening formula, and I found that it does give this effect.

However, if you want both length AND volume, this is not the formula for you.

For me however, length was what I was looking for, as I like long lashes but lean towards a more natural look overall. The brush is quite long with short bristles and was great for getting a large majority of lashes (including the corner of my eyes) covered with a few sweeps of the wand. It has medium building power (since it dries quickly 2 coats worked best for me). My lashes were definitely glossy, but not super shiny. It was also very good at keeping my curl (I did use a lash curler with this) The formula is on the drier side, so it didn't take long to dry and when it did it was not stiff or clumpy. It didn't flake during the day and was very easy to remove at the end of the day.

I loved how it gave me very nicely separated lashes that were defined. This is a great formula for those of you looking primarily for a good lengthening, separating formula, and for those who already have full, thick lashes but really want to add more dramatic length. No you can't expect the world from every mascara, so this is still a great choice -- just keep in mind what kind of lashes you have and what type of look you are going for. It's also a great price so you can't beat that!" P.L.

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