Ojon Tunu Elastik Collection

Only the Ojon Tunu Elastik Cleanser and Conditioner are reviewed in this post.

Hispanic (Cuban) with naturally loosely curly, below shoulder length hair, that is dry and tends to frizz.

"We here at Palacinka have always been big fans of Ojon's hair products, and are always excited to see their latest innovations in healthy, nourishing hair care that meets the needs in particular of women with curly, dry, textured and chemically treated hair.

The new Tunu line is meant to smooth the hair while giving it a soft, flexible bounce. It blends Tunu, crambe seed oil, and Swa oil extract to help smooth and add a soft, flexible bounce to unruly, coarse, or curly hair without chemical action.

For those of you who are looking for hair care that smoothes without silicone, this is perfect. Because it is silicone free, I found that there was absolutely no build up that occurred while testing the product the cleanser/conditioner.

First, I shook up the cleanser first as per the directions and then applied. The texture of the cleanser is very thin (and is a LOW sudsing product) but is quite concentrated, so I found that just a Silver Dollar's worth was enough for my shoulder length and med/thick hair. I applied and then as per the directions left it in for a few minutes and then rinsed.

Next up was the conditioner.

The conditioner is also very lightweight and has a thin texture closer to a lotion than a typical conditioner creamy consistency. The conditioner sank in quickly and felt light to the touch. I left it on for about 3 minutes. After rinsing, I simply patted my hair with a towel and ran a large tooth comb through the ends. I let my hair air dry and was really happy to see that when it fully dried, my waves/curls were super soft, defined and felt light but very hydrated. My hair was completely smooth all day with NO frizz.

The keys to using this the conditioner are:
1. Do NOT over apply it.
2. Preferably let your hair air dry.
3. Not take any tangles that might appear upon rinsing as an indication that the product has left gummy patches in your hair. Once hair is dry your curls will be defined and there will not by any hair "stuck together".

After using this treatment of cleanser and conditioner several times a week I was really happy with the way my hair was super soft and shiny, my curls/waves were nicely defined and, yes, bouncy!"
Y. L.

Editor's Note: Among our testers, those with loosely curly, curly and coiled curly hair had great results with these products.

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