Olay Professional Pro-X: Discoloration Fighting Concentrate

This is the second review for an Olay Professional Pro-X skin care product. The first review was for the Eye Restoration complex.

Tester: Bermudian, early 30's, with some hyper pigmentation from occasional breakouts. Combination skin.

"Olay had made great strides in really listening to the needs of women of all ages and skin types in their various lines over the years. Olay Professional Pro-X is their highest end line available in drugstores and like many of you, I wondered if this product line would make sense in that environment and of course if the results would be worth the price tag.

After using this treatment daily for over a month, I can honestly say yes to both of these concerns.

The Olay Professional Pro-X Discoloration Fighting Concentrate is a slim tube with a needle point applicator, which made it easy to target the exact spots and locations on my face where I needed to lighted my spots. That made it easy to pack for travel as well. It is white, lightweight and silky and sank in easily. There was no discernible scent. I applied it in the morning and evening after cleansing (using SPF in the daytime additionally).

After only a week I could definitely see a difference in the color of my spots. The formula didn't dry out or irritate my skin in those areas, as a matter of fact, it hydrated my skin very nicely. After two more weeks, several of the darker areas had completely disappeared, and one particularly troublesome area improved by 50-60%. I was extremely pleased with this product. As with any discoloration product, you do have to continue to use it on a regular basis to keep up the results, but this product has made me a believer, so that won't be a problem." P.T.

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Olay Professional Pro-X Discoloration Fighting Concentrate

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