Prescriptives Photochrome Light Adjusting Compact Makeup SPF 15

Tester: Multi-Ethnic (Hawaiian/Japanese) about Tia Tequila's complexion with good skin tone and slight under eye circles.

"I had gotten away from using cream-to-powder foundations for a while, so it was nice to come back to a product that was REALLY good like this one.

Prescriptives PhotochromeLight-Adjusting Compact Makeup SPF 15 provided an excellent match for my skin tone (Warm Gold, 04), which first and foremost was very impressive to me. I was also able to create just the type of coverage I needed on any particular day. Very light to medium/full coverage by just building the layers (I got much better results using a foundation brush, as it distributed the product better on my face than the sponge).

The foundation formula is creamy and blended well. When I first applied the foundation, it did have a very shiny look, but within a few minutes it disappeared as it converted into the powder. I had a beautiful, semi-matte finish that made my skin look flawless outdoors, in photos -- even in the dreaded florescent light. It provided great moisture without making me look oily, and lasted all day without ANY touch ups. The coverage was good enough that I could also use it as a concealer and to hide any redness or little discolorations I might have had. The compact was perfect for travel/gym/bag with no mess, no fuss!

This is product really has everything that I could ask for in a foundation - plus some sun protection. Nice!" L.H.

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