Strange Invisible Perfumes: Aquarian Roses, Inc.This is one of 3 new fragrances from the Strange Invisible Perfumes Spring 2009 trio*

"What we've come to love and expect from Alexandra Balahoutis and her Strange Invisible Perfume's line is the unexpected twist on everything from musks, to fruity florals to, in this case, classic florals.

Aquarian Roses is a rose scent that is remarkably true to it's name. It's a rose that smelled to me like a down pouring of huge, fresh roses mixed with fresh rain on a cool spring day. If that sounds unusual, you would be right. But it's also quite lovely.

The rose in this scent was light and the rose wafted in and out in the background, which is what made it feel to me like freshly cut roses floating in water. Within the rose was the unique combination of sandalwood and marjoram notes, which gave it a nice balance of dry soft dry down and continuous floral notes.

It's a rose scent that's not heavy, old fashioned or cloying . It's was light on my skin -- crisp, clear and fresh, with excellent staying power.
If you are a collector of perfumes, love rose scents or just want something different this spring I would highly recommend this" -RLB

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*The Spring 2009 collection trio also includes Epic Gardenia and Urban Lily. These perfumes are meant to highlight the complexity, relevance and beauty of spring flowers. All Strange Invisible Perfumes are completely made from organic, wild crafted or biodynamic essences set in a base of 100% organic grape alcohol., Inc.

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