Beauty Find: Kanebo Sensai 38*C Mascara- Volumizing and Eyelash Base

Many of you lovely Palacinka beauties are mascara junkies, and this one is truly going to knock your socks off! :)

Sensai Mascara 38*C Volumizing version is an updated version of Sensai's cult classic -- Mascara 38*C. This mascara uses unique, thermo-sensitive technology, which withstands tears, sweat and rain and still manages to comes off easily with water 38*C (100.4*F) or above (hence the name).

I also used the new Sensai Mascara 38*C Eyelash Base first, which has a small, narrow wand and brush, and it deposited the white coating on my lashes which primed them for the mascara, but also instantly lengthened and thickened my lashes.

I waited a minute or two and then applied the voluminous mascara (not pictured).
The brush is slightly curved and the formula is a medium/thick, liquid texture. I found that this mascara gave me really full, lush lashes and the brush did a great job of separating them. The formula is nice because it not only gives fullness, it also gives a nice amount of length (great for those of you with shorter lashes), and the formula's texture glided easily on my lashes. I went through the day with no budging, smudging, or flaking no matter the weather or what I was doing during the day. This is fantastic for you girls who need to apply in the AM and then forget about it!

Another fantastic feature of this mascara is that you don't have to remove with makeup remover or even a soap/cleanser! All you need to do is rinse with warm
(38*C or higher) water. Once I did, I saw tiny black tube-shaped pieces sliding off my lashes. I removed by using a very warm washcloth, pressing down softly on my eyes and then wiping off everything at one time.

I got fantastic results using just the Volumizing mascara, but if you really want show stopping lashes, I also recommend treating yourself to the 38*C Eyelash Base as well. You could very easily get hooked on this one!" - RLB

Mascara 38*C Eyelash Base and Mascara 38*C (Volumizing) are both available May 2009 at Bergdorf Goodman, select Barneys New York and Takashimaya department stores.

For more information visit:

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Anonymous said...

this mascara sounds so cool! i totally want to use it right away! my friend just told me to go on their website to order it and thats what im doing right now. 866 271 6815

Alexia Inge said...

This sounds very like blinc mascara when you mentioned the tubes coming off with warm warter. Have you tried blinc, if so how do they compare?

Palacinka Beauty said...

Hi - No I haven't tried blinc, but have heard about it. The tube technology is probably simimlar. We'll put in on our list of mascaras to try for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, i have been using this product for nearly 10 years, nothing else!!!! Its absolutely awesome!!!! Problem is i live in New Zealand now and cannot find it for love or money, even been on the Harrods website but doesnt let me buy it...!!!! I ran out 2 weeks ago!!!!! ;-( help!!!